Joe Manganiello, Anna Paquin, True Blood

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Sunday's episode of True Blood was totally our favorite by far...and not just because we got some of Joe Manganiello's nakey behind.

We were lucky enough to run into the new HBO hottie and got scoop about what's to come this season

"There's gonna be a lot of blood, a lot of sex and a lot of people are gonna die," Manganiello told us at Comic-Con. OK, you've got our attention...

Joe (who, yes, is just as delectable in person) was strutting his stuff around San Diego with the rest of HBO's hot cast.

"People here get really excited. They point and go, 'Hey it's the werewolf dude!' Then they all run," J.M. laughed.

"It's really been a blast," Joe said of his new and basically half-naked role. "This year we have live wolves on the set, which adds an extra element of danger. And my role's a blast. He's just this big, grumpy, lonely, big-hearted guy, and he's trying to do the right thing.

"I was eating a bowl of turkey on set, and I got yelled at," continued Joe about his furry costars. "They said, 'What are you, stupid? Get out of here. They're bringing the wolves on.' And of course, they're dragging this giant 150 pound wolf out onto the set and I'm sitting there eating meat like a moron in front of him."

Uh, is this guy just adorable or what? We have a feeling Sookie is totally gonna hook up with him at some point this season, but Joe was mum when we tried to go there.

As for Sookie's guy sitch, our pal Kristin Dos Santos posted over the weekend how Alan Ball confirmed that Sookie and Bill are "soul mates." Jeez, where's the fun in that? Anna Paquin already gets Bill in real-life; we think Ball should pen her some fun with Alexander Skarsgard or Joe. Agree?

So let's move onto poor Tara shall we.

"Everyone is just asking me, 'When is Tara gonna get a break?' " Rutina Wesley told us at EW's bash over the weekend. "That's the big question. I think hopefully this season we'll see her fight her way out of this tied-up situation she's in."

But not so fast...James Frain, aka "Franklin" isn't letting Tara go that easily.

"I'm going to show her what love is. Tara really has no idea, so I'm going to have to try and show her that," James teased. He added, "There is a wedding in their future."

As for whether Frain will be stripping down some more? "Ah we'll see," he laughed. "We'll just make Joe do it all."

No objections there!

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