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When we mentioned a sequel to our newest blockbuster fave, Inception, we were just assuming that Hollywood would want to milk its success for every last penny it could. Which no doubt would include Inception: Return to the Subconscious.

But let's get serious, how likely is a sequel?

"Even in making a sequel, you have to be fresh. You have to be different. You have to take risks," Christopher Nolan, the director of the dreamy flick, told Entertainment Weekly recently. So why not take an even bigger risk and not ruin the first film by slapping on a subpar second?

Here's what one top H'wood exec has to say when we asked if Leo and Co. would return if the film sought, dare we even suggest, trilogy status:

"Hopefully there won't be a sequel. [The ending] definitely leaves it open for a sequel, but really you could do it with a whole new cast," the T-town big wig, who played a mucho important role in developing the first flick, gabbed.

"It's just a heist movie with a twist. If Leo doesn't want to do it, maybe the second could be with Joseph Gordon-Levitt."

While we (as well as the whole friggin' industry, it seems) are totally koo-koo crazy over J.G.L., we think the dude deserves original flicks (like the Inception, yes, or 500 Days of Summer, another Awful fave) and not DiCaprio's sloppy seconds.

While Leo may be expendable, one person would have to be back though:

"You don't have this movie if you don't have Christopher Nolan," our source warns. "And to make a sequel—at least a successful sequel—they would have to go bigger." Considering the first flick is rumored to have cost $160 million, bigger also means way more expensive.

"You're only going to set yourself up for failure."

We agree, trust. But what about you? Would you want to see the dream team return for another film? And what if someone besides Leonardo stars—still think you'd enjoy the nearly three hour mind trip? Sound off below!

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