"Scott's like a vampire," says Kardashian friend and confidante Jonathan Cheban in the recent episode of Kourtney & Khloé Take Miami. Trouble is, he's not referring to a penchant for drinking vital fluids. That would be a good thing.

"Alchohol is his blood," acknowledges Kourtney Kardashian

So if everyone sees that, what the heck is he doing working nights in a club? After all, we've seen that Disick and drinks don't mix. (Remember Kim's birthday in Vegas, when he shoved a hundred-dollar bill down the throat of a waiter he thought was slow in delivering cocktails? You will when you watch the clip!)

Apparently sister Kim recalls, and is concerned enough to put the question to Kourtney: "Do you think it's funny, Scott coming home smelling of alcohol?"

Naturally, Kourtney doesn't find the question funny, and they're off and feuding.

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Disick at the Disco
Is it wise for Scott to work at a nightclub?

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