Kim Kardashian

John Parra/WireImage

We already know Kim Kardashian's feelings on cosmetic surgery (recap: no on the knife and Botox stinks). So you can imagine her reaction when a fan took to Twitter to talk about getting a full body surgery to look just like the E! star.

"I'm getting head 2 toe plastic surgery nxt week 2 look like @kimkardashian so my husband won't leave me. He worships her," went the tweet. To which Kardashian  replied: "NO."

And our girl doesn't stop there.

"Pls don't. Ur husband should love u 4 who u are! Don't try 2 b someone else. Im sure u are beautiful inside and out! Just as u are.

"Don't change yourself for anybody but happy with who u are! Someone will appreciate and adore u just as you are."

Way to show some girl power, Kimmy!


Kim K. doesn't just rock at giving advice, she rocks the fashion scene, too! Check her out in our Fashion Spotlight: Kim Kardashian gallery!

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