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Babes, the most fun stuff going down in San Diego is never at the Comic-Con panels. Oh no, it's when the supercelebs need to unleash all their geek energy they've been storing up during the nerd fest.

Naturally, for Chubster Hunkster, this means proving to himself that he is no longer the quasi-loser guy from high school. As if. Now he is…a star! Chubster can bed practically any woman he wants now that he has A-list movie credits, not to mention an adoring, equally beautiful family. And you know the ol' story there, right? What's more attractive to the ladies than an unavailable, good-looking daddy-type?

But maybe he's not so unavailable?

Apparently not!

See, Chubby is totally doable in the offbeat kind of way. Unconventionally handsome and super charming. This is why he scored himself a Hollywood equal. But as is the case with most men (and women, really) in this business, one hot babe is never enough.

Several onlookers in San Diego were shocked when Chubster Hunkster, alone for his trip, was seen canoodling up to a blonde gal not his famous significant other while at a bar during a Comic-Con pit stop.

"If I were [Chubster's] girl I would be pissed at the way he was so touchy-feely with the random women in here," one nosy bartender told us who was witness to Hunkster's flirtfest.

Of course we're not surprised at all, being the jaded L.A. gossip reporters we are. The random blonde is not the first girl we've heard Hunkster may or may not have crossed the line with...nor the first babe he was seen escaping into an elevator with, for that matter.

Indeed, Chubs boozed it up and then left with the bimbo, so we can only imagine the party for two didn't stop at the chic hang. Where does he take them? Her room or his? Maybe the roof?

Chubby and his amazing girl are totally the perfect couple, too, but it's not out of the question that C.H. and his babe have an arrangement of some sort, because Hunky was not hiding his gropage, like, at all.

Nor, as we said, has he in the past.

Why do women put up with this in their men?

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