Michael Sorrentino, The Situation


Everything about this picture is just wrong!

Frankly, we're still reeling over seeing the guy with a book, but Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino is surprising us for a whole lotta other reasons today.

The day after he was offered a book deal (surprise No. 1), everyone's favorite Jersey Shore star hit a park in New Jersey to show off something other than his abs (surprise No. 2!)...

Some intellect! We didn't think he had it in him!

Check out the glasses that The Situation (he should rename himself ‘The Bibliophile') was sporting when he was spotted reading Henry David Thoreau's classic Walden as he lounged on the Jersey grass. And it looks like he's halfway through! Good for him (unless he's totally faking it, since he's not even lookin' at the damn pages). A little culture will do this manly meatball well.

Things haven't changed that much, though. He's still rockin' the oversized watch, the cantaloupe-size biceps, and the V-neck shirt that was finger painted by a 4-year-old Italian expressionist. Oh but we're sure it's très designer.

Is there hope for The Situation after Jersey Shore in the world of literature? If workout videos and motivational speeches don't pan out, the guy's always got a job working as a model for Barnes & Noble or something. Or perhaps we're looking at a preview of the world's first librarian with a six-pack. Maybe writing really is the foreseeable future.

Still, we can't wait to read his new book, whatever its title may be. The Old Man and the Situation? Situation and Sensibility? Twilight: New Situation? We could do this for days.

Give us your best guido-inspired book title in the comments!

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