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Who is "Trending Topics" star Diustin Biber


First, we'll tell who—and what—he/she isn't: The latest workaround to a supposed Twitter ban on Justin Bieber.

See, contrary to a months-old thread and a tweet from the Bieber himself, there is no Twitter ban on the pop star. Which is too bad. Because there really, really should be.

Now, don't get us wrong. We're not advocating a Twitter ban to stifle Bieber fandom or to silence Bieber.

We're calling for a Twitter ban to help Bieber.

There's so much chatter, so much never-ending nonsense about broken necks, Playboy pictorals and Holocaust denials that it's hard to hear.

Hard to hear the music, that is.

Twitter ban or no, the noise will die down. It always does. Beatlemania was a fad; "I Want to Hold Your Hand" wasn't. Bieber's test will come, too. Are his hits as fleeting as an "OMG!" outburst, or are they something more? We'll only know once we can really hear, once we can really listen. 

Which brings us back to Diustin Biber.

Can we really listen when we're busy figuring out who D.B. is, and what he/she has to do with J.B.? (This is the best, most succinct explanation we found of how a 13-year-old inspired a tweet frenzy on Friday. And, no, it hasn't nothing to do with New "Trending Topics" Math.)

Yeah, it really is too bad Twitter doesn't block any topics. Some topics—and people—could really use the break.

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