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Were you called for jury duty in Los Angeles County this week? And, if so, do you believe that doctors, hospitals and pharmacies should be permitted to use an alias or false name to protect a celebrity's privacy?

That's one of 107 questions being presented to the pool of prospective jurors in the upcoming trial of Anna Nicole Smith's companion, Howard K. Stern, and two of her doctors, all of whom are accused of facilitating the prescription-drug habit that ultimately killed her.

And aside from the usual "Have you ever been convicted of a crime?" portion of the questionnaire, both the prosecution and the defense want to know a lot about the 12 men and women (plus three alternates) they ultimately pick to sit on their jury.

For starters (actually, question No. 44), people are being asked where they get most of their news and entertainment and whether they follow celebrity cases in particular ("e.g.: Mel Gibson, Lindsay Lohan, etc.").

There's also a lengthy section on pretrial publicity, and presuming the potential juror hasn't been living under a rock for four years, he/she could have a lot of explaining to do regarding how much they've heard about Smith's life and death, as well as the death of her son, Daniel, her relationship with Stern and Larry Birkhead, and her daughter, Dannielynn.

Both sides also want to know whether jurors ever watched The Anna Nicole Show on E! (No. 67) and, if so, how many episodes, and whether they caughter Smith's rather loopy appearance on the American Music Awards (No. 68), where she asked the audience if they liked her TrimSpa-slimmed body and introduced "my boy, Kanye West!"

Then there's the part about doctors, and whether you've ever had any bad experiences with one or more of them, have friends who are doctors, or have ever considered suing one.

"Should doctors be treated differently from others if they break the law?" asks question No. 86. (We're thinking the answer to that one matters.)

Then the potential jurors are asked if they've ever had a prescription drug problem or suffered from conditions such as chronic pain or a psychological or emotional condition.

"Have you, a relative, or friend ever been prescribed, or do you have any familiarity with, any of the following," the questionnaire asks, thereby listing 51 drugs, from Ambien to Xanax.

That's a pretty broad question, but hey, the lawyers have to invade everyone's privacy be thorough, right?

The 14-page form wraps up with a lenghty list of potential witnesses and asks people to indicate whether they personally know a person, saw him/her on TV or the Internet, or don't know of him/her at all.

Among the more recognizable names among the 94 on the list, which includes dozens of doctors, are Larry Birkhead and Dr. Cyril Wecht, the privately hired pathologist who performed autopsies on Smith's son Daniel and, later, on Smith herself.

Opening statements are scheduled to begin Aug. 4 and the trial is expected to last roughly three months.

Stern, psychiatrist Khristine Eroshevich and physician Sandeep Kapoor have pleaded not guilty on all counts.

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