Michelle Rodriguez, Angelina Jolie

20th Century Fox; Columbia Pictures

Comic-Con 2010

"Because I don't rip my clothes off and I'm nobody's girlfriend! I think a lot of the writers are new to the whole tough-girl thing. They don't know what to do with the chick, you know what I mean? If she's got character and she's strong it's kinda like...well, we've got the dude who's strong, what do we do to the chick? Kill her, duh. Hopefully Salt will change a thing or two."

Michelle Rodriguez at the Comic-Con Battle: Los Angeles press conference, when we asked why she bites the bullet in every single movie she's in. Really, just last year the ballsy babe got KO'ed in (spoiler alert!) Fast and Furious and Avatar (Lost too, for those of you on the boob tube). Way harsh, Hollywood dudes.

Never one to let T-town keep her down, M.R. is back in her latest flick—costarring the equally sexy Aaron Eckhart—and plays a badass military agent, the type of role this gal nails perfectly. Hey, maybe she'll actually survive until the credits roll this time?

With Angelina Jolie joining Michelle in the movement to get more macho broads in flicks—Salt was written for Tom Cruise, remember, but Ange swooped in and played the part utterly flawlessly—we pity the writers who have to tell these chicks they can't be deadly without...dying.

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