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If you listen really closely, you can hear the click of a cigarette lighter as Don Draper prepares for a whole new undertaking. Season four. Finally. This Sunday. Boo-ya!

AMC's Mad Men returns to our TV sets and DVRs in just a few short days and, after speaking with the stars at the season four premiere, we couldn't help but notice a recurring theme that kept popping up...


That's right. Changes are a' coming to Madison Avenue. "I think that the women on the show look different this year," Christina Hendricks tells us excitedly.  "The three women on the show (Betty, Peggy, and Joan) are so dramatically different. And they all change depending on the circumstances that are happening in their lives." And the progress doesn't stop with Joan.

Elisabeth Moss echoes the same sentiment concerning Peggy. "She's definitely growing up and she's definitely embracing her role as a woman in the workplace," she says. "She's gotten a little tougher, and she's gotten a little more confident, but at the same time, she's still very much Peggy." As much as we love this whole "we are women, hear us roar!" thing, it's good to hear that some things will stay the same: There will not be any shortage of smoking and drinking this season.

"It's Mad Men," Elisabeth reasons with a shrug. "You wouldn't know it was Mad Men if we weren't drinking and smoking." Don will certainly need plenty of booze and smokes if he's going to find a lick of happiness in the fourth season. "I think there are things in his life that make him happy," Jon Hamm says to us. "I think he finds happiness in his children. I think he finds happiness in his work."

Jon's onscreen estranged wife January Jones was absent from the premiere due to a conflict with her Mad Men shooting schedule (according to the show's rep), so we took that opportunity to nag him about Don and Betty's chances for giving the marriage another shot.

"If you watch the show, you realize the marriage wasn't really that great," admits Jon. "So I don't know about the opportunity for them to reconcile, but it's Matt's world [series creator Matt Weiner]. Anything is possible."

With 17(!) Emmy nominations, Mad Men is 2010's most nominated drama. But rest assured, Mad fans, there is no way this cast will be phoning anything in. "I don't think we feel relaxed or complacent in any way," Vincent Kartheiser promises. "We have expectations for ourselves that go beyond maybe what other television shows may feel. I think with the amount of success and critical acclaim that our show has had, that actually raises the bar even more."

Will you be tuning in on Sunday for all the bar-raising awesomeness? Do you think Don and Betty should give it another whirl? Fill up your tumbler and take it to our comments section.


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