Joe Manganiello, Muscle and Body Magazine

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Let's face it, we just can't get enough of those abs.

Every year, True Blood seems to debut a resident hottie. In the first season, we got Ryan Kwanten. In season two, the television gods bequeathed unto us Alexander Skarsgard.

Now, in season three, it's that absolutely mouthwatering, heat stroke-inducing, TiVo replay-worthy werewolf of steel Joe Manganiello who's catching our attention (and hopefully others here on the cover of Muscle and Body Magazine) and making the show's other dudes look like puppies...

Just kidding. But...not really?

You'd have to search hard to find bigger Skars fans. However, our loyalty might be switching to the werewolves if more pics and sneaks of new castmember Joe keep hitting the Net. Consider this post just an excuse to gaze at the rippled bod of our fave new resident of Bon Temps.

We know TV diva Kristin has already gushed about Joe's stellar physique, but hell, when someone looks like this, we'll run a picture every friggin' day if we have to! Sorry, Taylor Lautner, but this is what a werewolf should look like. Big, wide, brawny, with shoulders for days and abs that look like a game of hopscotch.

Also, we hear from one of Joe's old One Tree Hill costars Robbie Jones that Joe says this of being on True Blood: "It's amazing. It's beyond words. He gets to hang out with wolves all the time." We think the wolves are luckier to be able to hang with him.

So has Joe told Robbie what's to come this season? "You can look forward to some sexy things happening," Robbie dished.

Of course, we're still gaga over those other Bon Temps badasses, like Skars, Ryan Kwanten, Stephen Moyer and Sam Trammel, but the world hasn't yet caught on to this off-the-radar cutie. So we'll try to continue rationing out portions of our favorite T.B. studs as best we can, because nobody can ever really get enough of these guys, right?

Just as long as you all promise not to get too horny this time.

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