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We've seen a few pics from the set of Transformers 3 of Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox Rosie Huntington-Whiteley filming together, and must 'fess, even though Megan "never" would have come back for a third movie, we've been missing the big-mouthed brunette. We heart her! Especially Fox and Shia together (platonically of course, since Meg's a married woman now).

So is the new Megan Fox holding her own with the veteran crew? And what's the heat level like between Rosie and Shia? Here's scoop straight from the Transformers 3 set about Michael Bay's casting gamble:

We talked with Transformers 3 producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura earlier this week and got him to break it down: Is the Victoria's Secret model simply filling the hot-girl quota needed in a blockbuster franchise? "Well, Rosie is pretty hot," laughed Lorenzo. "But she's been great. She has a fantastic attitude, and she's been having a lot of fun."

Translation: Megan's ‘tude wasn't so hot. Hmmm. We tried to get deets on what character, exactly, Whiteley will actually be playing. Even though she "replaced" Fox, we've heard she hasn't actually replaced Megan's character Mikaela Banes.

"Rosie will definitely be [Shia's] love interest though," dished the famed producer. Well, we saw that coming a million pouty-lipped miles away, but how is LaBeouf taking a liking to the new chick on set?

"You know what? Their chemistry is proving to work out. You never really know. That's the biggest risk," Lorenze ‘fessed about the decision to replace Shia's good pal. "Megan and Shia had very good chemistry. Fortunately for us, these two have good chemistry.

"It's a larger cast in general," the producer added about what positive changes to expect. "We've got [John] Malkovich, Patrick Dempsey...So what's happened is the shape of the movie has changed because of all the new people."

Gotchya, code for "the movie will still be good without Megan Fox dammit!" Some would probably debate better! Just can't decide if the model decision will be for the best. But we'll hold our judgment until next year.

I doubt you bitchers will be so circumspect, but that's why we love ya so.

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