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You commenters are nuts. But hey, maybe you (and we) want it that way!

After reading through your laugh-larious reactions to our query about how to describe those V-shaped ab muscles on a guy, we think it's safe to say that y'all are crazy. And horny. And maybe just a little bit right.

We thought calling them "invitation muscles" was fine enough, but you all seemed to think of much more, uh...sexually charged things to say about those dee-lish physiological arrows. Check after the jump to see what you had to say...

Now, we love some of these suggestions: "Sexy bones," for one. "V-Spot," for another. And of course, "The Funnel of Love" and "The Ocular Vista" work, too.

Minus points go to "thingamajig," "whatchamacallit" and "willwork4money." Um...I don't know if you guys ‘n' gals understood exactly what we were talking about here.

Still, some of you chimed in with some real comedic gems. We know you don't always read the comments, but trust us, there are some raucous ones this time around:

"He's so tall, I wanna climb him!"

"When your muscles start getting into the d-cup range, I think it might be time to ease off a little."

"If Alan Ball really loves us, Alcide will be naked soon, and frequently."

"First Skarsgård and now Joe M., the men on True Blood have reversed my perimenopause symptoms by 20 years."

"'Incentive' to buy my husband a gym membership for his birthday."

Keep on writing in, babes! We love to hear what you've got to say, especially when there are close-to-naked people involved.

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