Blind Vice

Not all of our Blind Vices are totally upsetting. In fact, today's bonus job is a total riot!

Some of you might remember Teddy O'Bong from his days on the big screen, but recently, the scruffy dude has been making his appearances on network television. In fact, it was his antics at a wrap party for his latest on-air gig that's got us all happy-go-lucky. Though maybe not as much as him:

Teddy isn't exactly the most talented dude we know, but he's always likeable, y'see, and easy to approach. And it turns out, now we know exactly why!

At a semi-recent pricey wrap party for Teddy's latest show, Photo Op, the dude was apparently stoned out of his mind the entire night. We're talking bloodshot eyes, philosophical musings, and everything else that comes with a little puff of the ganja!

A lowly crew member who worked on the show was hangin' out on the patio when, wouldn't ya know it, O'Bong trotted on up and offered the chick's beau a joint, how incredibly gracious. However, the rather shocked guy politely said no, but Teddy wasn't too upset. He scooted on over to another end of the party and made his offer again. Score!

Then, Teddy hit up the karaoke machine, and started jamming. Naturally, the guy wouldn't share the mic with anyone and hogged the whole thing all night long. Literally. And as far as how angelic his voice was (usually, he can hold a tune)...well, he was high as a kite, so just imagine how good that was.

We say, let loose, dude, and keep on flyin' high: pretty much everyone seems to be enjoying his happy nature (even his sometimes-scowly sometimes-girlfriend). We've seen his old work...maybe it's method acting?

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