Donald Trump, Rachel Uchitel

Ali Goldstein/NBC; Katy Winn/AP

Piers Morgan, Joan Rivers, Bret Michaels and...Rachel Uchitel?

Donald Trump is said to be in negotiations to get the first woman linked to Tiger Woods after the world learned he was a big flippin' philanderer to compete on the fourth season of The Celebrity Apprentice, E! News confirmed Friday.

Because, sadly, having a vast, celeb-dotted dating record is viewed as an equivalent to actually being a celebrity these days.

And apparently Trump is taking a page from the "look what Kate Gosselin did for Dancing With the Stars' ratings!" playbook.

"We are in discussions with her and many other people who want to be on Celebrity Apprentice," said Trump Organization VP Rhona Graff.

Sources close to Uchitel's camp tell E! News, meanwhile, that she'll probably do the show.

Somehow we're having a hard time equating Uchitel—who helped get Las Vegas' Tao nightclub off the ground and has managed VIP operations at other clubs—with the condescending hyperbole Trump uses to describe his usual stable of contestants: "exceptional," "really terrific," "outstanding," "fantastic."

But then again, it won't be any harder to watch Trump blow smoke up Uchitel's bum than it was to watch Rod Blagojevich flail around last season. And we can't wait to watch her try to explain what it is she's done to earn a spot on the show.

(We won't mind watching the ladies on The View talk about it on Monday morning, either.)

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Looks like we may need a new Reality Stars We're So Sick Of gallery soon.

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