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You didn't think you'd make it through the week here totally Twilight-free did ya?

True, that may have been our intent, but when we saw the most recent pics of Robert Pattinson taking a smoke break on the studio back-lot of Water for Elephants we could not pass them up. Boyfriend is looking good!

Sorry, the brooding thing works so much better in real life than on screen sometimes.

But can you tell from the picture what's wrong with Rob? His expression says it all:

"Oops, I forgot my tuxedo trousers were un-buttoned and now all these paparazzi are here."

What did you think we were gonna say? Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson broke up?

Unfortunately to the dismay of many tabloids that is not the case (neither is a wedding though, sorry). In fact, before Rob realized paps had found him, photogs say RP was "in a good mood, snapping his fingers and singing a little tune for the crew. "

Just in case you need it reiterated that's also not because Pattinson is relieved Kristen is out of the picture.

Just because Kris wasn't by Rob's side at his most recent outing to Hotel Café to watch pal Sam Bradley perform doesn't mean there's trouble at lovers lane. It means she's getting down to work for her new role in On the Road which she is prepping for as we type.

So sit back, relax, and just enjoy Pattinson's hotness (drama free) as you head into the weekend. Know Team Awful is!

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Photos: If Looks Could Kill: Rate Rob Pattinson

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