Lauren Conrad

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Lauren Conradis going dark.

No, this isn't a story about the former Hills star changing the color of her hair...

Conrad says she's planning on penning a spinoff of her L.A. Candy novels.

"I'm going to take Madison from the book and do a darker series," she told me the other night the Hills finale party. "I already wrote a little bit and it was really fun."

L.A. Candy focuses on Jane Roberts, a young woman who moves to Hollywood, gets a job with an events planner and eventually lands her own reality show. Like Conrad, Jane isn't always happy with her fame and the attention it brings. (FYI: She just completed writing third installment of the Candy trilogy).

"I think it would be really fun to do it the other way, with someone who loves it," Conrad explained. "Someone who loves the fame and plays that game well."

As for those plans to turn L.A. Candy into a movie, Conrad sighed, "It's a very slow process."

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