Lee DeWyze, American Idol Finale

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If you've been following our American Idol coverage here at WWK, you know our crush on Lee DeWyze is no secret. At one point, we even called dibs on him, should there ever be an Idol prom.

Clearly, America shared our love because Lee was crowned this year's Idol, and that title shall remain until the new Justin Bieber is found forever! But we also have high hopes for his post-Idol plans, and we're looking forward to a taste of his solo career on tour...

"My album is going to be a folk/rock/pop album," he says when asked to describe his sound. Ah, yes. The "folockpop" genre. "It's very polka, but less upbeat," he laughs.

Lee's currently pulling double duty, rehearsing for the tour with the rest of AI's top ten while working on his new solo album. "The writing sessions have actually been really good. I'm working with a lot of great people who know what they're doing," he tells us. So don't keep your fingers crossed for a collaboration with Joaquin Phoenix. Damnit!

American Idol, Top 10

Courtesy of Craig Decristo

The American Idol tour kicked off July 1 in Detroit, and besides sharing a bus with his totes BBF 4-ever Andrew Garcia, Lee says he digs actually performing more than 90 seconds of a song. His first chance to do so was in New York  to celebrate the release of the new M&M's Pretzel, and since then he's been rocking the crowds all over the country.

"To be able to do the tour and write the album and fly in and out is going to be amazing. It's for the fans. They're the best," Lee says in his standard, always adorable "aw, shucks" manner.

Not only is the rising star anxious to perform in his Chicago hometown this August, but America's hat is going to get some Lee love, too!

"I'm looking forward to going to Canada, actually. There's been a lot of support from there. That's really going to be cool," he says excitedly. We're sure the Great White North will be happy to see you, too.

But what about the rest of you guys? Excited for the AI tour and for Lee's album? Did you call dibs on a date for Idol prom? Hurry, we hear Aaron Kelly might be snatched up quickly.

And Lee, we're still searching for that perfect Idol prom dress. But we'll discuss that later.


Was Lee your favorite reality star of the TV season? Go nominate him (or someone else) for a Golden Tater HERE!

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