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E! Online's Annual Tater Top Awards are sadly coming to a close. So soak up all the Tater mania while you still can!

Today we ask the immortal question: What good is a TV show without amazing lines to quote the next day? In a world where "That's what she said" passes for an appropriate response, it's only right to vote for the lines that wormed their way into your minds this past season. But which quote doth you quote the most?

With Comic-Con and TCA upon us here at WWK, we want to celebrate the return of a new television season by remembering the best of last year. How many times did Sue Sylvester's rants pop up in your every day convos? Yeah, that's what we thought.

As always, voting and nominations continue until July 20, and then we'll announce the winners and start shipping out the great Golden Taters to your picks. This is a no spamming zone, by the way, so all winners are as legit as the Emmy nominations. But definitely much cooler.

Please Note: If you're reading this on your cellular device, we are aware you can't vote right now. Please don't yell at us. Just come back and vote from your computer ASAP. Truce?

OK, we got the memo. And the tweets. And the comments. We agree, it was a crime to exclude Glee's Chris Colfer from the Breakout Star category. Fresh off his Emmy nod, no less. We told you we would right any wrongs, so head back over to the Breakout TV Star round if you wish to vote for your favorite Cheerio.

If we missed a favorite line from a comedy or drama, why don't you let me know? Head over to @KristinDSantos and tell me what should be added, or leave it in the comments below. We could add in any line that seems to be especially popular.

The End. Almost. Tomorrow we post the final categories for Tater Tops, and these are the big ones: Best Comedy and Best Drama. You can still nominate for the best of the best by tweeting @KristinDSantos or crushing our comments section. One more day of Tater fun to go! Oh, how time flies...


Team WWK will be at Comic-Con, so follow the team on Twitter to get your geek fix: @kristindsantos @megmasters @drumoorhouse @jbomb11 @tbrick_2

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