Say what you will about David Letterman—the man learns his lesson the first time, thankyouverymuch.

Not that that stops him from going back for a kinder, gentler second time.

Which is why the Late Show host just couldn't help himself from addressing Bristol Palin's reengagement to Levi Johnston on last night's show. Though it's how he addressed it that was most curious of all. Call it an early engagement gift.

"They're getting married, did you know that?" Letterman asked his audience. "Sure, go ahead, applaud, that's exciting."

Thrilling, even. But instead of sparking a national controversy and once again facing the wrath of Sarah Palin, this time Letterman kept his comments on the up-and-up (and far, far away from any of the underage Palins). In fact, he was downright mild and un-edgy about the whole thing.

"He'll be arriving at the church tied to Sarah Palin's pickup," Letterman said of Levi. "Bristol, her daughter, made the announcement on an hourlong ESPN special."

But of course, Letterman saved the best of his nevertheless mellow zingers for last.

"But last week, Levi Johnston made a heartfelt apology to the Palin family. That kind of rings a bell," he joked.

Two unlikelier peas in a pod you'd be hard pressed to find. But that's one way for Letterman to score an invite to Johnston's bachelor party.

Meanwhile, in other Palintastic news, Bristol and Levi today revealed more details of their engagement, including the exact details of their proposal (in answer to the question: no, nothing is sacred anymore).

"I came home from work one day and there was tons of flowers all over my room and there was flowers, like rose petals, in the shape of a heart on my bed with a box and then he got down on oneknee and asked me to marry him," Bristol gushed to Us Weekly.

"There was no hesitation at all. Is your face getting red?" she asked her betrothed.

"I wasn't there for Tripp and Bristol and now I am and it feels great," Levi said. "I'm here now and I'm gonna make it right."

Reminds us of a certain late-night host.

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