Caey Affelck, Joaquin Phoenix

Seth Browarnik/

Remember when Joaquin Phoenix lost his razor, his sense and became a well-documented Hollywood freak sideshow? Well, Casey Affleck hopes you do.

As we know, Ben lite made his directing debut on a mockumentary documentary that chronicled his brother-in-law's trainwreck phase—the press release went with "artist at a crossroads," go figure—and today, Magnolia Pictures bought the rights to the finished product.

All of which means that come Sept. 10 (jot that down on your knuckles, would ya?) you'll be able to judge for yourself just how much of Joaquin's mumbling shtick was a performance piece and how much was him genuinely attempting to become a, um, hip-hop artist.

So like it or not, I'm Still Here is coming. But will you be there when it does?

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It's been awhile since we've seen Joaquin make a fool of himself on TV. Luckily, The Soup has found some people to pick up the slack!

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