Lindsay Lohan, Machete Poster

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By now, you may have read about how Lindsay Lohan was "cut" from the just-released trailer for Robert Rodriguez's upcoming Machete.

But you may not have read right.

Oh, there's no denying, Lohan isn't in the trailer. But we're told she wasn't excised from it, either.

According to Fox, the studio behind Machete, Lohan isn't in the trailer because she wasn't ever supposed to be in it. End of story.

Lohan's absence, or non-appearance, raised eyebrows because, one, the actress was featured in the previous Machete trailer, and, two, the new Machete trailer was released just days after the trouble-attracting Lohan was sentenced to 90 days in jail.

But here's the thing to remember: The "old" Machete trailer was a Rodriguez present to fans, an unofficial peek at his exploitation movie, due out Sept. 3; the "new" Machete trailer is actually the first Machete trailer. (Here's a link to the Rodriguez cut. Be advised it contains potentially offensive language—plus a jab at Arizona immigration law.)

Now, you may be asking: Why wouldn't want the studio want to feature Lohan—the only noted name who didn't make the jump from Rodriguez's so-called "red-band" trailer to the official one?

From what we hear, there just isn't a lot of Lohan to tease—her role isn't all that big.  

That said, Lohan herself is big enough to be featured on the film's new official site, her prescence there proving Hollywood isn't exactly on a mission to hide her away.

Not when she's putting herself out there as a gun-toting nun.

Watch the E! News Special Lindsay Lohan: The Road to Jail, premiering Thursday at 10:30 p.m.

There's no erasing our memoriesor photos—of the li'l Lindsay Lohan. 

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