When we heard The Wendy Williams Show was returning to the air today after six weeks off, we had literally no reaction. The same, however, cannot be said about Wendy Williams when she ran into Oprah. Apparently she had...well, whatever this sort of reaction is...

Don't worry, Wendy. We know how you feel. We once saw Oprah, turned to our assistant and yelled, "Barry! There's Oprah! Pull your stomach in, clear up your acne and cover your disgusting bald head with a decent toupee you pathetic sack of blood and sh-t!"

Barry is not fat, has no acne, and isn't even our assistant. But we can tell you firsthand that he does have a great right hook and the ability to choke strangers who scream at him when they mistake a woman on the street for Oprah.

Anyway, the point is, never piss off Barry.

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We get equally verklempt when we run into Joel in the hall. Wouldn't you?

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