It's Sunday. You're finally home from church. Or the synagogue. Or the mosque. Or the holding cell. And now it's time to relax with a trip back in time to the best of your Soup week.

Miley Cyrus: It's no secret that the sweet young thang we know and love as Hannah Montana is shedding her Disney skin for an all-growed-up image. Access Hollywood's Billy Bush, as always, gets to the bottom of this story that's playing out before our very eyes. The only question: Do we have an entire Miley adulthood of this to look forward to?

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Lindsay Lohan: You can count on the righteous crew on the Today show for the straight-up, unbiased story, especially when it comes to such a weighty topic as the frenzied boozing of one Lindsay Lohan. Or can you?

The Bachelorette: The free-flowing bile and venom that couples dish out on Maury every day has nothing on the undiluted bitchery that caked the studio walls during Jake and Vienna's televised break-up. It's just so hard to watch honest, deep love fall apart. But it's not hard to watch this.

Today Show: Slip on your best slicker and get ready for a whole load o' fun as bedroom vets Hoda and Kathie Lee test their sexual IQs. The subject? We won't beat around the bush. It's sperm.

Toddlers and Tiaras: This ain't your toddler grandma's low budget kiddie beauty pageant, where the tots get all gussied up in burlap shifts and makeup made from candle wax and cranberry squeezings. These days, daddy's got to have a deep wallet to keep his young sweetie on the competitve edge.

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