Tater Tops

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Is it hot in here, or is it just us? Maybe the AC is just broken in the office?

Or...it's time for another round of Tater Tops! We are dying to know your favorite moments from TV land—you know, the ones that made you fan yourself and the ones that made you reach for the tissues. (Insert immature double entendre here.) It's about to get all steamy up in this joint...

We hope you've enjoyed all that E! Online's annual Tater Top Awards have had to offer. If you've been with us since voting for the best Breakout Star, thanks for chugging along. If you're just joining us, you are late. We hope you have a note to explain yourself. Or, you can just go back and catch up on all the Tater love. Winners are announced July 20, so get off your behind and join the GTs. (That's "good times," in case you missed the memo.)

You guys flooded our nomination boards and my Twitter with moments that brought the sexy and others that brought the quivering lower lips. Try as you might, you could not hold back the tears! Well, dry those eyes and wipe that drool from your chin, because it's time to pick the best of the best. And since this process is Internet polling at its very purest, spam robots will not be touching these results.

Please Note: We know you might be reading this on your BlackPhone or iBerry. You can't vote now, but once you find yourself in one spot with a computer, this blog will be ready for you. Come back and vote!

We know there were so many moments to choose from, and we might have forgotten a big one that you think should be added. We agree. Maybe. Why don't you tweet me @KristinDSantos or leave your last-minute nominee in the comments section, and we'll consider your case.

Warning! More Taterness is coming full speed at your face tomorrow! Are you ready to vote for Most Heartbreaking Cancellation and New Fall Show You're Most Excited About? You better be. Send in your nominations for those categories to @KristinDSantos or our comments section. All aboard the Tater train! Destination: Glory!


Embrace the Tater. Get your nominees in to @KristinDSantos and vote for your favorites here!

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