Scott Sippola, Allison Coss, John Stamos

US Attorney's Office; AP Photo / Neilson Barnard

This couple has no mercy for John Stamos' privacy.

Attorneys for a Michigan man and woman accused of trying to extort $700,000 from the Full House star say that questions about Stamos' sex life, including whether or not he ever romanced defendant Allison Coss, should be fair game once their trial begins July 12.

"If the witness does have a lifestyle that influences the witness's credibility, the lifestyle is important," Coss' attorney, Frank Stupak Jr., argued in court documents.

"Certainly information delivered by a virtuous person such as a Mother Teresa is judged more reliable than information that may be testified to by a person with a Lindsay Lohan reputation."

Are they implying that a starlet who wears a SCRAM bracelet isn't to be believed?

"It appears that the government has anointed itself Mr. Stamos' personal public relations committee, whose primary purpose is to avoid any discomfort whatsoever to its star witness," wrote Sippola's attorney, Sarah Henderson.

Stamos has denied having a sexual relationship with Coss, whom he met in Florida in 2004. So-called damning pictures of Stamos were supposedly taken at a party around that time, and the defense has argued that Coss and codefendant Scott Sippola did nothing illegal when they offered to sell them to Stamos before approaching a magazine with the goods.

Federal prosecutors have maintained that the photos the defendants claim to have, which allegedly show Stamos doing cocaine and cavorting with strippers, don't even exist, and say that the actor's private life is inconsequential to the case.

 "The defendants are merely attempting to paint Mr. Stamos in a bad light in the hopes [of] gaining an acquittal on that basis," countered Assistant U.S. Attorney Maarten Vermaat.

Coss and Sippola are charged with felony extortion and misusing interstate commerce.

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Would you rather have an alleged extortionist or a stalker, like these stars?

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