Blind Vice

We know we promised you a Twyla Babe-Sucker Vice this week, but we realized that everyone in the friggin' world is already gabbing about the boy-hoppin' babe's business. And with the, um, not so subtle ways of Miss B.S., we might as well reveal her!

But we won't, at least not today...

Now, calm your tortured Twilight-lovin' hearts because we still have vamp juice for ya. One of the franchise's Vicey players has just as many tongues a wagging as Twayla does. Though, when it comes to Terry Tush-Trade, the word on everybody's lips has nothing to do with the hump-happy star's public personal life. Oh no, it's all about the goings-on behind T's closed bedroom door:

Everyone is saying that the bisexual superstar is straight gay, gay, gay pun intended.

Terr isn't too secretive about lusting on the guys ‘n' gals—at least not on the Vancouver set where all the canoodling has gone down.

But lately, around T-town, the suits at the Twilight studio have been gossing nonstop that Terry is just a big ol'...well, that TTT is into sex with the same-sex exclusively.

We say not so fast.

We know T3 pretty well—or at least whose bed the hottie is slipping in and out of—and Tushy's libido is definitely not limited to only those with the same chromosome arrangement as the über-successful star.

If you need a refresher on the Tush-Trade hookup checklist here goes: Terr has had serious significant others of the opposite sex but has also more than dabbled in affairs with the same gender. Remember back when we told you that Terr hooked up with a costar of the same sex? Well, we hear murmuring that T3 may have scored some lovin' from another sexy (and sexually liberated) member of the cast more recently.

If that doesn't scream bisexual, we don't know what does.

Good thing Terry doesn't give an ef what anyone thinks—at least when it comes to bedroom behavior. And that's just the way we like it!

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