Ty Burrell, Ed Oneill, Modern Family

ABC/Danny Feld; ABC

Modern Family star Ty Burrell not only got a much-deserved Supporting Actor Emmy nod today, but we're ready to nominate him as one of Hollywood's most modest men. 

Instead of basking in his golden moment of glory, Ty took some time during our chat to address this morning's biggest upset—Ed O'Neill's acting snub:

"This really is overwhelming," the emotional star said. "I'm so glad, [and] I just feel so lucky. [But] I have to say Ed O'Neill's omission from the Emmys voting is an opportunity to talk about him being the heart and soul of [Modern Family], which he is."

Every year fan favorite stars are snubbed at awards shows, but the irony is that every other ModFam lead received a nomination, making Ed the sole oversight—and the most shocking one, to boot.

"It's unusual that he's not being recognized as far as the Emmy's go, but it's a real opportunity to point out that he's been the core of our cast from the very beginning," continued Ty. "He sets the tone with the first performance and with the stuff offscreen. We get along so well, and a lot of it has to do with Ed just being such a good egg."

Anyone else want to hang out with Ed now, too? Let's set up a playdate!

Added Ty playfully, or maybe completely seriously—who knows: "Let the campaign begin right now! This is a great opportunity to shine the spotlight on Ed and let it start right at this moment. Ed O'Neill for president!"

Snubs aside, the actor isn't too proud to revel in this shining moment of his longstanding career—even if just for a second.

"I don't know why I have a hard time letting those things sink in," he mused. "You get on your toes about needing to stay ready when you've been unemployed so frequently over a career. My default setting is be prepared for—not the worst, but to start from scratch. But yes, it feels incredible to have a little bit of it sink in and understand we're all apart of something very special. I just feel incredibly lucky."

And so do we, for being lucky enough to know such a kind man. Well, two actually.

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