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Is Taylor Lautner, the highest paid teen star on the H'wood block right now, ready to suit up for the new X-Men flick?

Reports claim Lautner, best known for his role as the cuddliest werewolf ever in Eclipse, is being sought out to join James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender in X-Men: First Class, which is set to start shooting this summer.

Hate to break the news to you Team Jacob fans, but...

It's not happening.

Sources close to Taylor tell us it's "not true" that the teen dream is being pursued by Fox to join the über-successful franchise. And we say, shame on it!

This kind of film is a perfect fit for Lautner and his career. After seeing the painful movie that was Valentine's Day (hardly just T.L.'s fault), we think action guy is the ideal role for the mini heartthrob.

The Twilight hunk is already in tip-top shape, we would rather see him kick some ass over solely chasing girls. Sorry, but we're crossing our fingers romantic comedies will not be Taylor's forte (here's hoping Stretch Armstrong makes us forget the Taylor and Taylor Swift awkwardness).

We just think of Lautner as a Tom Cruise in the making—the early years. We're talking about the Days of Thunder and Mission Impossible Tom Cruise, not jumping on Oprah's couch Tom Cruise.

Tay has what it takes to be a blockbuster star. The cute dimples, hot bod, perfectly groomed hair, and P.C. way he handles the press leads us to believe Mr. Perfect will have a cushy career. If he makes the right choices. An X-Men type flick would have been a fab fit for the Twilight babe, so let's hope something like that does come along.

You think so, too? Or totally not?

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