Jillian Harris, Ed Swiderski

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Is it surprising to anyone anymore that another reality-show couple has gone kaput?

After finding love last year on the tube, Jillian Harris and Ed Swiderski, the man she selected over 29 other suitors on the fifth season of ABC's The Bachelorette, have officially ended their engagement.

Despite Harris, the first Bachelorette to hail from Canada, happily accepting his proposal on last summer's finale, Swiderski tells E! News there were just too many "issues" between them to make it work in the long-term.

"We're both pretty sad," said the self-described technology consultant.

But if viewers are aching for a tell-all along the lines of the The Bachelor's Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi facing off in a highly confrontational sit-down over their own relationship's failure, they're barking up the wrong tree.

"There's no scandal, just little bit of heartbreak," Swiderski added. "We're not bitter. We're working through our issues."

The Michigan native held out hope, however, that the pair might one day reconcile.

"Absolutely," he said. "There's definitely a possibility."

A publicist for Harris did not return a request for comment.

The Bachelorette's poor matchmaking record continues, meanwhile. Out of five couples that have hooked up so far on the hit series, only one—Trista Rehn and Ryan Sutter—turned out to be the marrying kind.

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