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As we dished in last week's episode of Truth, Lies, & Ted, Angelina Jolie is ready to make some moves.

No, she's not leaving Brad Pitt (yet), rather we heard from a very reliable A.J. source the Salt babe has expressed "serious interest" in directing a feature film about refugees staring her hubby.

Well, unfortunately for Pitt and his ‘stache, the babe has had a change of heart. Sorry Brad, you're out...

"Angelina definitely wants to direct a film, and make this film," our insider says about Jolie's passion project. "She just doesn't want to do it with Brad anymore."

Come again? Emphasizes our insider:

"The thought of directing Brad as the lead with another woman started to drive Angelina crazy. It's not going to happen anymore with him."

So we can assume then the refugee flick is gonna have some good love scenes? We would of course expect nothing less out of Angelina. But we're not the only ones thinking k-a-r-m-a here, right? The most famous love triangle in the last decade—if you want to call it that since once Angie was in the picture Jennifer Aniston was so out—happened because of on-set chemistry.

So, is Jolie nervous Brad may pull a Mr. and Mrs. Smith again? Is that why he's been starring in movies that aren't exactly romantic? Sorry, but Inglourious Basterds (which we loved) wasn't exactly a let's-get-it-on kinda flick.

Look, babe, B.P. so isn't going to be the one to step out on ya, we can assure you of that. He's so in daddy and husband mode the sometimes hunk is all yours Ange.

So we say make the damn film! Team Awful is kinda dying to see what skills you have behind the camera. And, by the way, if you cast Jen Aniston as the lead opposite Brad, we can guarantee you will have an Eclipse-level opening.

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Photos: Brad & Angelina Family Album

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