Tristan Wilds

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Tristan Wilds is a do-gooder.

Not only does he do a whole lotta lookin' good on 90210 each week, but we just caught the charitable star at the Target Party for Good event putting together summer meals for the needy with the Food Bank for New York City. All together now: awww.

And in the midst of all that do-gooding, Tristan found some time to answer a few of our burning 90210 Q's—including his take on that finale that never was.

"I hope that nobody was upset," the former Wire star told us when we prodded around for some answers about those 90210 finale plot changes we first reported. "I just think it left some more for the next season so you guys can tune in and watch."

And for those who don't fancy that response, Tristan promised: "Some of you guys were upset, but you'll get to see what happens next season. You know, we gotta keep the fans thirsty."

Rob Estes' sudden—and not really addressed—departure was one point of contention for fans of the CW hit, but Dixon's alter ego revealed why the sendoff will ultimately help some show plotlines.

"You'll see another part of American culture. It's the plight of the single mom," Tristan said of Lori Loughlin's now-solo mama, Debbie. "You get to see what she goes through and how she copes with dealing with two kids and still trying to find a job and keep a house et cetera, et cetera. It'll be a very different dynamic, but it's still very, very true to life."

And the one teensy tease he'll give: "It's gonna be a good senior year."

Well after hearing that level of scoop, of course we're excited! Seriously though, we are pretty pumped for the new season. Are you guys in the same boat? Shower those thoughts in the comments section. We love the feedback.

—Additional reporting by James Chairman

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