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Which hot young star had this to say recently about the media's backlash against her:

"I think that's just unfortunate that I don't have—that celebrities don't really have—the freedom of speech that other citizens have. That we're held to different standards."

We're not surprised at all this babe feels she's poo-poo'ed more often than your average gabby gal—cause, duh, she is.

Any guesses who the chatty (and deliciously controversial) Cathy is?

Megan Fox

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It's...Megan Fox!

We recently asked M.F. how she handles having every single sound bite she dishes being picked and poked at. But don't fret that Meg will keep her trap shut just because a few tabloids criticize her:

"You know, I'm not aware of the stories that always run. Obviously, I'm a little aware."

And what she does know doesn't seem to be bothering the babe too much, because moments after we finished with the T-town talker, she was blabbing in a way that only the truly brave can.

"I f--king nailed that answer. And that wasn't even in my talking points," Megsy congratulated herself on ditching her planned prattle and giving the reporter a taste of Fox-frankness.

Who the ef is anyone to tell the girl to shut it anyways? Sure, some of her quips may be head-scratchers, but at least she's speaking her mind—unlike half of the hotties in H'wood.

And for the people who don't think she's smart? One of young Hollywood's brightest if you ask us.

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