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Tiger Woods has learned his lesson. Well, one of them, anyway.

Determined to keep at least one aspect of his private life private, attorneys for Woods and Elin Nordegren have been working overtime to hash out a closed-doors settlement in their inevitable divorce, and guess what?

They may have finally come up with something both parties can live with.

Reports have pegged Elin's share of the settlement—which, if rumors are to be believed, could be filed in court as soon as tomorrow—at anywhere from $700 million to nowhere near that amount. But the real sticking points in their discussions reportedly have nothing to do with money, and instead center around the custody of their kids and the skeletons Elin may or may not let out of the closet.

Which begs the question:  Who knew there were any more left in there?

A source close to the couple told E! News that the duo is doing their best to keep negotiations out of the public eye and "are trying to settle out of court."

"If they can't agree, they will go to trial," the source said.

One of the conditions Woods is reportedly shooting for in the deal is a confidentiality agreement—apparently, he's had enough of the women in his life spouting off to the press and is willing to pay top dollar contingent on Elin maintaining what's proven to be a rather dignified silence.

"He doesn't want her to write a book or anything and she wants full custody," the source said.

The likeliest of outcomes, however, is that the separating couple will share joint custody of three-year-old daughter Sam and one-year-old son Charlie, but that the kids will primarily stay with Elin, and that the trio will spend a hefty chunk of time in her native (and less paparazzi-filled) Sweden. It's been reported that she is even seeking to make the move a permanent one and get her kids schooled overseas.

Woods has reportedly been less than supportive of that arrangement, though his constant traveling for golf tournaments seems to put a crimp in his argument for more quality time. He is said to be seeking at least one weekend a month with the kids, though the more likely option now seems to be that he will instead get larger chunks of time with the children less frequently throughout the year.

To help accommodate the travel, a source told E! News that, no matter what the other terms of the settlement, it's all but guaranteed that Elin will keep the family's spread in Jupiter, Fla.

The crash pad would serve as her second home, and is conveniently located near Woods' nearly complete $80 million estate on nearby Jupiter Island.

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