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Dear Ted:
So sorry about your breakup. Just getting over one myself (though as I'm 16 it's not really the end of the world right?) Anyway, I'm a huge Miley Cyrus fan but I frankly don't care about her personal life, i.e. whether she's a virgin, etc. All I know is she's fierce and I heart the crap out of the girl. However, I do get sick of the double standards especially in regards to the Jonas Bros. Do you know anything about the rumor that Nick is dating Camp Rock 2 dancer Courtney Galiano who happens to be 21? And if he is do you think he'll get the same BS from the media that Miley experienced when she was dating Justin Gaston? I know the Jonas teenies are already tweeting her to love 'em.
Miss Gwennie

Dear Jonas Exposed:
Not sure what to make yet of Nick's supposed new romance, but hypothetically he would not get crap like Miley did. This Courtney chick would! Not from yours truly, but, you know it would be coming.

Dear Ted:
Just a quickie. Do you know if Hugh Jackman and/or Daniel Craig drop any clothing while performing in their NYC gig? Because if so, I may just have to make my first ever trip to the big apple just to see their doable and divine bods. It would be worth it! Love ya! Keep on making my day by just being your sassy self!

Dear Skin for Skin:
Oh honey, you and me both! But our theater friends tell us Hugh and Daniel take off their jackets and roll up their sleeves exposing their amazing forearms. But that's as much skin as they show. Crap.

Dear Ted:
I'm tired of gossip about Robsten, Jen Aniston, Angie and Kate Gosslin. Tell me about the so-called "serious" actors like Kate Winslet, Cate Blanchett or Daniel Day Lewis, for example—are they really as down to earth and nice as they seem, or they are just lucky that the public is not interested in them? Thanks!

Dear Letter of the Day:
Darling, that crowd's too smart to get into this column.

Dear Ted:
Do you really think Megan Fox is at Salma Hayek or even Charlize Theron's acting level? That she can turn the ugly & win an Oscar? Well is true that you think Fox is better than Jolie. Hayek & Theron are very smart & educated nothing to do with made up trashy Fox. But you are not very smart yourself Ted so I understand you will comment on Roman Polanski like you did. Meanwhile all the world intellectuals, great filmmakers, great actors, politicians are outraged & wrote a petition for RP. All of the ignoramus like yourself are ready to hang the genius. I think US is the most dumb country in the world, were prison is a business, the injustice is huge & people like U talk through their asses.

Dear All Over The Place:
If Megan wants to be a serious actress, then yes she needs to get out of the "hot babe" typecast. And call me crazy, but rape charges bring the "genius" status down in my book. I'm just such the dingbat, I know! L

Dear Ted:
Megan Fox was fantastic on SNL! Just because she had to play the same character in every script doesn't mean it was her fault. That's the script writer's fault. Nah? I think Megan did the accent's really well and she seemed very genuine.

Dear Half True:
Sure, the script writers could have been more daring. But Meg could also be more vocal 'bout what she wants, too! Remember what happened when she set her eyes on R.Pattz?

Dear Ted:
Has Mel Gibson always been so crazy? He seems to have lost it within the past two years, and he used to be so charming.

Dear Behind Blue Eyes:
Yes. Always crazy, but he used to be better at hiding it.

Dear Ted:
Just wanted to get your opinion on the Eliza Dushku and Rick Fox relationship. I think they're both hot and they seem happy together. Do you think it's the real deal with them?
Faith Forever

Dear Have Faith:
All I'll say is Fox is a Fox is a Fox.

Dear Ted:
Thank you so much! You echo my thoughts on the Polanski affair to a "T" (for Ted, that is). If Mr. Polanski was a member of the common folk, his ass would be in jail already. In my book, he is just as bad as Chris Brown. Mr. P. doesn't even seem remorseful that he raped the child, was found guilty and fled the States. All of his supporters are basically saying that it's okay for a "gifted" member of the Arts fraternity to do anything to anyone and get away with it. Wait a minute...Ted, isn't that the Hollywood way?

Dear Touche:
Couldn't agree more!

Dear Ted:
I don't understand your America's sweetheart answer. Are you saying Anna Paquin is a mini-Reese, or are you saying she's actually nice, but just isn't A-list? I wasn't necessarily thinking a-list, but everyone in general.
Super Girl

Dear Paqfused:
Actually nice, but not A-list nice.

Dear Ted:
I know you have touched on ScarJo and Ryan being the next Gyllenspoon but seriously, what is up with these two? Apparently they just hit their one-year anniversary and they are still out looking like strangers who happened to be photographed together. In the pics of them going to the gym on PopSugar, Ryan looks like he's trying so hard to seem like he's not with her! I love me some Ryan but come on. This is Scarlett! She's equally hot! He needs to be just a tad happier about nailing that curvaceous dish down... what say you, Ted?

Dear Over It:
Hey, at this point, Gyllenspoon makes RyJo look hot. Seriously, Scarlett and Ryan are two of the hottest babes on the planet but they somehow are above making red-carpet public appearances together? Ugh, annoying.

Dear Ted:
Ted, What's going on with Joaquin Phoenix? I haven't heard about him in ages?

Dear Flight of the…:
That's exactly what he wants you to type.

Dear Ted:
I actually think Kristen Stewart is way more like a young Angelina Jolie, than Megan Fox. She's a rebel, anti-establishment, from a Hollywood family, brunette, beautiful and has that "I don't care" attitude that was so Angelina back in the day. Angelina didn't try too hard, and that rebellious attitude mixed with being beautiful is what made her so sexy. Megan cares a great deal what people think of her, and she's made it clear she wants to be seen as a sexpot. Angelina was always much more than that (Gia...Girl, Interrupted), and so is Kristen. What say you, Ted?

Dear I See Your Argument:
But raise you one public makeout sesh with your brother. You're spot on about the rebellious secretive stuff, but Angie still gave us a public taste of what's behind her closed doors. Kristen, not so much.

Dear Ted:
Or maybe I will have better luck if I put it this way: Has Anderson Cooper ever been mentioned in one (or a few) BV's?

Dear Silver Fox Trap:
You bet your tight-butt bf he has.

Dear Ted:
Is Whore-Hey Hoeman you, Ted?

Dear Here We Go Again:
No, a thousand times no!

Dear Ted:
I'm writing you from the Philippines. Not even the heavy floods are gonna keep me from getting my daily dose of intrigue a la Ted C. Just wanna give a shoutout to everyone in my country who's had suffered losses this past weekend... especially the ones who haven't been rescued yet. Now please answer me this: I'd like to believe that there are still nice, uncorrupted guys left in H'wood after all... and I would like to believe just as much that Matt Damon and Jason Bateman are two of those guys. Am I right or are you gonna burst my bubble now?


Dear Very Refreshing:
Sorry about your troubles, H, but, Damon and Bateman will not be adding to them. They are genuinely cool. Certainly always have been with me.

Dear Ted:
The world's paps are up in Vancouver doing everything they can to snap pics of the Twilight cast and one of your team just happens upon the restaurant they hang out in? Of all the gin joints! Just seems a bit "Casablanca" to me, pardon the pun. Not only that but the restaurant crew are happy to spill all on Robsten. If it's that easy why doesn't your team stake out the place and get us some pics that would prove that Robsten hang out together on their own smiling sweetly at each other. Then that would be something we could believe. Still love ya but...

Dear Misread:
Now, Team Awful was not there when any of the Twilight members were. Never said that...but now you gotta come on for a sec. They've been living in Vancouver total (between both films) for over five months...of course they frequent tons of restaurants! And a lot of them are written about. Maybe we just retraced those steps. As for the willing to dish stuff—you'd be shocked what being polite can get ya. Especially with the nasty pap fights up there. Everyone gossips, it's all about the way you get it out of them.

Dear Ted:
You're so cute! Love the video. The idea of R.Pattz on House is insane (in a great way) and whether or not he appears on SNL (can't picture him not having a breakdown, an alcoholic breakdown), I'm looking forward to the sketches they come up with that are about him a la Jimmy Fallon's stuff.
Jennifer K.

Dear Have Ye Faith:
I'm tellin' ya, these SNL guys are persuasive! Don't give up on a Rob appearance circa November around New Moon promotion. Let's just hope Summit doesn't leave that up to poor Taylor Lautner, too.

Dear Ted:
So what is really up with George Clooney, the infamous bachelor who has vowed to never marry again. I always thought it was obvious he loved women and just assumed he was burnt very badly early on and is now a commitment-phobe. However now I'm thinking he may be a closet misogynist, no matter how many pretty women he squires around. Which is it?
Clooney Curious.

Dear Curious George:
Maybe none of the above?

Dear Ted:
You mentioned that Diablo Cody should write the last Twilight film Breaking Dawn, I think that is brilliant! She's edgy, dark, hip, and not afraid to pen her characters smashing some headboards. This last film needs to walk the PG-13/R line. Although I love Jacob's character, I don't, however, feel they need two films.

Dear On Board:
Glad you're with us babe! We need someone a lot more edgy to take on the sex-stuff.

Dear Ted:
Have you seen Angelina lately? She looks like a heroin addict. She looks does Brad for that matter...and the last picture I saw of her kids, they looked like raggedy lil' children with sloppy clothes....what's wrong with these people? They have enough money (and help) to do better! What gives?

Dear Armed and Dangerous:
Oh hon, Angie's battling tons of problems and has a lot of people concerned for her, that's damn sure. Brad's probably worn out from worrying too much 'bout her, too.

Dear Ted:
Ted, I was saddened to hear in your Sept 23 column that you were thinking of turning in your membership card and playing for the "other team." I think if you're going to do this you should take baby steps and get yourself a beard first for a trial run. Now I'm sure an out and proud guy like yourself doesn't have much experience with beards, so you should probably get some advice from Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Miranda Kerr, Rachel Bilson, Vanessa Hudgens, and Jennifer Aniston...Not that they're now or ever have been beards, of course; they're just a varied group of empowered women certain to have interesting perspectives on life, and anyway they're sure to know someone who knows someone...

Dear Loaded Letter:
Do you know something I don't?

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