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It's really happening, folks—Heather Locklear's beloved bitchy character Amanda is finally making her triumphant return to the boob tube. About friggin' time!

"Today was her first day of filming," Melrose Place hottie Shaun Sipos told us while walkin' the red carpet at the Whip It premiere at Grauman's Chinese Theatre Tuesday night.

How's it been working with Lady Locklear? Says M.P. star, and Shaun's date for the evening, Stephanie Jacobsen: "Heather's amazing. She is so warm and so unassuming that you would never guess she was Heather Locklear."

Wow. With costars like these, who needs frenemies, right?

Heather's sorta-bizzaro rep that precedes her (how can we forget this li'l fiasco?) isn't what Steph meant, 'course.

"She's incredibly famous," Steph explained. "An iconic television actress."


So what was it like meeting this big-name blonde for the first time?

"We all met up with her for the first time at the table read, and she knew who we all were by name because she'd been watching the show. She'd researched us and it was so flattering."

And how'd it go?

"She slipped right back into Amanda, it was phenomenal."

Added Shaun: "She spent so much time with that character that she must know her in and out. It must not be too big of a memory jog because she spent 10years with that character. She's gonna rock it again."

How long can we expect fan fave Amanda to be on the show? This better not be some one episode cameo, dammit! Don't toy with us.

"I don't know the specifics of the terms of her contract, but I can gather she's gonna be around for awhile," exclaimed Stephie. "I hope she's there forever!"

And Heather's personal feelings on returning to the TV gig that made her a household name?

"She said that not in her wildest dreams did she think Melrose would ever come back," dished Shaun.

Yeah, we're shocked, too! So are we gonna see some crossovers with the cast of 90210? Both groups live in the same city, it's totally possible.

"I'm gonna say I doubt it," added Shaun. "But then again, Heather Locklear doubted that Melrose would ever come back."

Are you folks planning on tuning into Melrose now with Locklear on it? Damn right she's a helluva bigger draw to watch the drama than seeing Ashlee Simpson-Wentz evaporate before our eyes


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