Jeff Probst, Survivor

Jeffrey R. Staab/CBS

It's nice to know in times like this that the world has its priorities in check.

Which is why we're happy to tell you that the devastating earthquake which yesterday spawned a tsunami in Samoa, killing, at last count, at least 99 people and rendering dozens more missing, did not affect production on the forthcoming season of Survivor.


A spokeswoman for CBS confirmed that no cast or crew members were harmed as the 20th season—which was never formally confirmed to be taking place in Samoa, but, well, there's your confirmation right there—was not in production at the time.

Filming on the season wrapped earlier this month and while the contestants had long since blown out their torches and gone home, some crew members were still present in the region.

They're not called Survivors for nothing, folks. The currently airing 19th season is also set in Samoa.


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