Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson

AP Photo/Richard Drew

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart may be finding time to hang together (and then some) up in Vancouver, but that sure doesn't mean it comes easily.

While roaming up in The Couv over the weekend, we hit some of the spots Robsten & The Twilight Crew have been known to frequent during their various time up north, and even the locals have noticed a big change since the New Moon filming last March.

"[Eclipse filming] has been great for us," dishes a local witness to the R.Pattz phenomenon. "Tourism has basically skyrocketed since these kids have been up here. As a resident and restaurant manager I've noticed this city has gotten a lot busier."

Sheesh, maybe Summit needs to start filming in America—The Pattinson Effect could help out our economy.

But back to business: You know what more people means? Less Robsten.

"We've seen a lot less of Kristen and Rob," says our local Twilight-accommodating spy. "Some of the cast still comes here a lot, but anytime [Kristen and Rob] are involved it brings a lot more attention to the whole cast and whatever they are doing."

It's no wonder why Summit has become much more laid back.

"It's basically [Rob and Kristen's] choice if they want to go out," Deep Twi tells us. "And they know they are being watched—whether it's by curious fans or paparazzi—everywhere they go."

You know what else is Rob and Kristen's choice? Whatever personal info they feel like giving away in interviews. So for those of you hoping for that Harpers Bazaar dating confirmation? Sorry folks—but from what we hear from Summit sources, no such thing went down.

Maybe we should all back off a bit and let Rob and Kristen do their thing? Oh who are we kidding, they already are, but we'll work on giving them some privacy.


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