Mya and her Dancing With the Stars partner, Dmitry Chaplin, have a lot to live up to next week. Their high-spirited jive landed them in a first-place tie last night with Aaron Carter and Karina Smirnoff, with a near perfect score of 27.

They'll be dancing a rumba next. "I'm not sure if it can be as impactful," Mya says. "It's not a fast number, so…to actually entertain a crowd with a slower song, I'm not sure. I'm kind of nervous."

The rumba, however, is a much sexier and sensual dance. "Dmitry is not a hard person to look at, so that's very helpful," Mya says with a laugh. "You just put yourself in a zone and start thinking about crushes to try and get into the moment."

That's not all I have for you from Ms. Mya. Read on to find out about her DWTS-related bruises, why she's seeing a doctor on a regular basis and her new, carb-loaded diet...

Is there a lot of competition between you and Aaron Carter now? You going to try to sabotage him?
Of course. [Laughs.] No, no sabotage here. I just want to be the greatest at every dance, and the versatility, that's where it's going to start to matter. There's so many dances that we have to learn, if we even stay in the competition or last long, if we can execute each one, that's who the winner is going to be.

How's your body holding up?
My body is torn up from the floor up, but it's so worth it. I kind of like getting beat up a little bit. It feels like I'm accomplishing something in my life. When I see a scab, a blister, a bruise, a cut, I'm like, yes!

But are you scared of being seriously injured?
Right now I'm doing everything I possibly can: massages, taping my feet, bandages, seeing a doctor just to make sure everything is in place. And getting proper rest, because I really want to last. Sometimes that's impossible, so I'm praying for the best and being responsible at the same time.

Your body must be changing, yes?
I would say so. I'm much stronger. I definitely see toning happening. I'm so happy because I can eat more of what I want to eat because I'm burning it off. I love carbs! I'm a sucker for carbs. Right now, I'm making waffles with lots of syrup and butter. Love it!

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