Randy Quaid, Evi Quaid

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Randy and Evi Quaid are the gift that keeps on giving. But not paying.

Despite the duo's (handwritten) claims that they've already made good on their tab at the San Ysidro Ranch, the Santa Barbara District Attorney's office isn't quite ready to call it even just yet.

"'Paid' might be overstating it," Joshua Lynn, an attorney at the D.A.'s office, told E! News. "All I heard was that they sent a cashier's check. I'm not sure if it even cleared."

But even if the couple did pay their bill—all of their bill—they still wouldn't be off the felonious hook.

Lynn said that the sheriff's department had made repeat attempts at quietly bringing the duo in so as to avoid the headline-grabbing antics of the past few days. However, Evi proved unwilling to cooperate and simply "wouldn't allow" them to ever speak directly to Randy.

"The sheriff's department was unsuccessful at having a voluntary return," he said. "Because the case has already been filed, that might be some restitution. But as a practical matter, both he and his wife will need to be present [to answer the charges].

"The extradition process has to take place. They have to physically be here."

The Quaids were arrested in Marfa, Texas, yesterday, on charges of burglary, defrauding an innkeeper (if it wasn't so serious, it'd be oh-so-quaint) and conspiracy for allegedly skipping out on a $10,000-plus bill at a local resort. They were released on $20,000 bail and promised to make good on their tab.

That was yesterday. Today they began their ill-conceived plan to publicly clear their names, releasing nonsensical notes and copies of cashier's checks in an effort to prove their innocence.

It might be time to try another tactic. Like paying.


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