Matthew Perry

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Matthew Perry, sittin' pretty at Palihouse in West Hollywood on Saturday around midnight, enjoying a dudes' night out with a few other fellas at his table.

How much was the former Friend loving his male companions' conversation? Some star-effing gals tried to pick Perry up at the bar, but "they didn't get very far," says our source. Not in a sociable mood? Or just behaving as they do in WeHo and preferring some male-centric action?

Matty wasn't the only piece of male H'wood eye candy out and about. There was also...

Adam Levine, hitting the Family Guy pre-Emmys party at Avalon to sing a 1940s big-band version of "Beat It" with Seth MacFarlane.

"Seth and I became friends when he started making fun of me on his show," the Maroon 5 frontman explained from the stage, showing off his arm tats while performing just a tad (yeah, right) intoxicated. "I should perform drunk more often!" Ad exclaimed.

He sounded great and looked great, anyway. What a pro. We're just surprised we didn't see him hitting on any ladies in the crowd, so out of character for him.

Some other rockers you'd expect to be wasted having a much more low-key evening than Levine were...

Green Day—made up of eyeliner-lovin' punk rockers Billie Joe Armstrong, Tre Cool and Mike Dirnt—catching a Sunday night performance of their own rock opera, American Idiot (based on their Grammy-winning album), playing at the Berkeley Rep in NorCal.

The band members, who are taking a brief break before the European leg of their world tour, gave two standing ovations during the friggin' fantastic show, more than happy to put their angsty punk cred to the side for a sec to enjoy some musical theater. Billie, dressed in all black, was surrounded by tons of tween boys after the performance and happily posed for photos with fans.

What's next, a Maroon 5 musical? We're not holding our breath—sorry, Adam!


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