Titanic, Kate Winslet, Leonardo DiCaprio

20th Century Fox

What's nearly two billion dollars look like in 3-D?

More than 10 years after becoming king of the movie world, James Cameron's Titanic may soon be padding its $1.8 billion worldwide gross with a 3-D rerelease, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The trade paper says that the upcoming rerelease of the Toy Story films has got other studios around town looking to pull films out of the vault and back into theaters with some souped-up effects.

So if you've ever wondered what Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet would look like if she was stretching her arms out right toward your face, well, dreams do come true.

Frankly, we aren't sold on the idea.

But maybe it's just Titanic we aren't needing to watch in special glasses. Are there any films you'd like to see rereleased in 3-D?


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