Taylor Lautner, Behind the Scenes, New Moon

Courtesy of David Strick/Los Angeles Times

Whoa. Did somebody's not-painted-on manly abs just shoot him into a sexuality stratosphere usually reserved for the heart-stopping Robert Pattinson, aka, Edward Cullen?

Uh, sure looks that way! First off, why is Taylor Lautner all of a sudden owning that hard-as-Nikki-Reed frame of his. Dare we say Jacob, I mean, Taylor, and his totally bitchin' middle muscles make it clear...

...he got the damn memo that R.Pattz's more rebel ways are what most of us girls want? Or did Taylor Swift ram that totally gratuitous message home for the boy? Oh who the hell cares, we're just glad Taylor finally woke and decided to sweat without showering it all off, already! Stinky fun is the best kind, right, babes?

Okay, Lautner, no blowing this one! You've got a nice little (photo) package goin' here—don't screw it up and start Twittering to Paula Abdul that you can't wait to see her in her next VH1 embarrassing girlie review, got it? Otherwise, we're totally back to Team Edward, and we mean totally.


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