American Idol, Chris Sligh


Chris Sligh may not have won American Idol, but he certainly feels he's won some hard-fought wisdom.

Being the total sweetheart that he clearly is, he's imparting it on the masses, taking to his blog to offer advice to the season eight kiddos who recently wrapped their big tour.

"You're not going to be successful," the season six 10th place finisher writes. "You're not going to be millionaires (with the exception of MAYBE Kris [Allen] and Adam [Lambert]). You are going to struggle. No one will care about you."

Feeling the warm fuzzies? He goes on…

"You are just a game show contestant who still needs to prove why you should be here," he writes to the Danny Gokey and Matt Girauds of the world. "In other words, your days of being a star are over. But that's all right-so are mine. And I'm one of the most successful for my season of Idol. I'm not a star. Chances are I never again will be."

After numerous paragraphs like that, he shares some true wisdom and words of advice on making a career of making music, whether a marquee name or not. He makes some interesting points.

However, he also theorizes that top finishers always succeed (Taylor Hicks, who?) and middle-of-the-packers vanish into obscurity (yeah, because that Jennifer Hudson and Chris Daughtry really never amounted to much).

Something about this makes us want to hold on to the dream. We're just sayin'.


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