Anna Nicole Smith

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Anna Nicole Smith infamously had 11 prescriptions in her hotel room when she died.

But not because of this person.

Court records obtained by the Los Angeles Times show that a Valley Village, Calif., pharmacist refused to fill an order for six potent substances faxed in by Smith's psychiatrist, who has since been indicted along with another doctor and Howard K. Stern for allegedly furnishing the late star with drugs.

Dr. Khristine Eroshevich, who had prescribed all 11 meds found in Smith's room, had written scrips for two sedatives, 300 tablets of methadone, a muscle relaxer, an anti-inflammatory drug and four bottles of a painkiller nicknamed "hospital heroin," the Times reports.

"Pharmaceutical suicide," the pharmacist called it. The order had come in five days after Smith's 20-year-old son, Daniel, died in the Bahamas.

"They are going to kill her with this," the unidentified specialist said, per the affidavits pertaining to the investigation into Smith's 2007 death, which state that the pharmacist then called Smith's internist to say he had no intention of filling those prescriptions.

Objects from two other pharmacists were also noted by investigators, who also said that they have found evidence indicating that Eroshevich and fellow suspect Dr. Sandeep Kapoor both engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct with Smith.

A preliminary hearing on the case is set for next month. Larry Birkhead is among those close to Anna Nicole who are on the prosecution's witness list.


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