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We seem to be in a golden age of TV-relationship commitment. In the past year, we've seen previous will-they-or-won't-they couples Pam & Jim, Chuck & Blair, Robin & Barney and Mer & Der finally get together, and for that we are very grateful! Thank you to all the creative and brave TV writers who trusted that we fans could handle it! (No thanks to the people who write for House's Huddy, Bones' B&B or Chuck's Charah, but that's another rant for another day.)

One of the most creatively successful couplings has been The Office's Pam & Jim, who have gone all the way from ultra-angsty longing to marriage and baby carriages. Well-played, Office scribes—but don't think for a second that getting Jam together means you're off the hook on Dwangela.

Yes, we are grabby little fans, and we want Dwight & Angela together, too.

But will it happen, or with the success of Jam, has the Dwangela ship sailed forever? Find out what Rainn Wilson told us exclusively about the future of the beet farmer and the cat lady…

According to Rainn, "America knows…everyone knows…the universe knows that Dwight and Angela are meant to be together." Woo-hoo! But when? Says Rainn, "It's a matter of time. It may be season 17, but at some point in time they will come together."

What about their Mennonite-officiated, German-language marriage ceremony in Dwight's barn? Does Rainn think that binding and legal? Rainn says, "I do, absolutely [believe that Schrute-barn marriage was legal]. I think that's actually a good point that they are married. I should bring that up to the writers. They're Mr. and Mrs. Schrute. She's Angela Schrute."

Heck yes she is!

Are you still hoping for Dwangela, or are you satisfied with Jam for the time being?


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