We always knew our favorite weight-loss show, The Biggest Loser, meant business, but things just went to a whole other level. Is anyone superattached to Julio? If yes, say a prayer that he kicks it into high gear, because it looks like he's about to be booted off.

Watch the clip above where Bob decides to take Julio under his wing. Jillian's advice to Bob? "Kill him." She's so feisty. We love her!

After you watch Bob and Jillian connive to get Julio moving, click in to see the drama unfold as Julio complains (more) about working out, lies about his burn rate and generally ticks off his teammates...

Do you think it's time for Julio to say adios? Would you rather train with Bob or Jillian?


Check out our interview with trainers Bob and Jillian here.

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