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Fox just ordered an additional batch of Glee episodes, to complete that show's first-season order. The musical comedy has produced 13 episodes so far, but the cast was in limbo about a full-season order until today, when Fox announced the pickup.

And thank goodness, too, because Glee star Jane Lynch recently told us, "I am a mature, experienced professional who will probably go off into a corner and cry if the show is not picked up for nine more." And according to the radioactively charismatic Amber Riley, "If we get picked up for nine more, we'll go back in January." Since that if is now a when, expect to see the final nine on the air in late March or early April.

But what's to come in the remaining 10 produced episodes? We caught up with the cast recently, and they spilled lots of secrets. Read on to find out about an all-wheelchair dance number, a Lindy Hop between an unlikely pair and which two wildly different characters might shock you by hooking up...

We're going to see Jane Lynch dance! She tells us, "Sue Sylvester loves caning and cheerleading and caning the cheerleaders, but before the season is over we learn that she can dance. We're going to see her dance—with Matt Morrison. Actually, I don't dance that well, but Matt dances really well. We do a Lindy Hop, and I fling him around like a little girl. I'm leading—totally leading—but at one point he was doing a cartwheel off my thighs, and I fell and he fell and I almost killed the guy." Don't worry, though. Despite a near-death experience with Sue Sylvester, things are looking up for Mr. Schuester. Morrison tells us, "I think it might be in the cards for Jayma Mays and me to grow closer onscreen. She's an amazing, amazing person. We actually call her Jaymamazing." (Squee.)

There's another dance number coming up that we can't wait to see, and that one stars Kevin McHale: "It's an episode called 'Wheels,' which deals with the wheelchair. People start to take for granted that I am in a wheelchair. It's a serious episode, and at the end of 'Wheels' there's a huge wheelchair dance number—I can't say what song it is—OK, it's a play on words—but it's really fun. It's my favorite number, although I'm biased."

As for the rest of the gang, we got several castmembers to reveal which song performed by a fellow castmember they loved the most. Here's the rundown:

  • Jenna Ushkowitz's favorite song that Amber Riley does is "Hate On Me Hater."
  • Amber Riley's favorite song that Chris Colfer does is "Defying Gravity."
  • Chris Colfer's favorite song that Cory Monteith does is "Somebody to Love."
  • Cory Monteith's favorite song that Jenna Ushkowitz does is "the song from…what is it called? Oh yeah, 'Tonight' from West Side Story!" Ding-ding-ding!

But wait—you didn't think we forgot the showmances, did you? Everyone in the love polygon will be completely connected to one another by the time the first 13 are done.

Mark Salling, who plays mohawked bad boy Puck, tells us, "I think I am in love with Quinn (Dianna Agron) on the show, and she's in love with that other guy, and another girl is in love with that other guy. It's crazy." Oh, come on and admit it, in addition to Puck loves Quinn who loves Finn who has a thing with Rachel, Puck and Rachel are also going to hook up! Mark says, "You might see that in a future episode, but I don't want to give too much away. Everyone's hooking up with everyone." And Lea Michele says, "Rachel's definitely got a spot in her heart for Finn (Cory Monteith), but let's just say that Finn's not the only guy Rachel gets to have fun with this season." Scandal!

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