Jessica Simpson


Jessica Simpson lost her beloved dog, Daisy, to a coyote last week. Pretty sad stuff, she must be feeling pretty down right now.

She probably needs her friends to be there for her, like, "So sorry about Daisy, I'll be right over with a bottle of wine." But some are more like, "I'm so worried about Jess falling into a tailspin, I better call People."

And that is how we came to have this story about what a sad, needy girl Jess is (thanks, friend!).

"Daisy was her baby," this friend shares. "It's going to put her into a tailspin. It will put her into the worst place ever."

The friend also shares some of the pair's more private moments...

Like whenever Jess is dealing with her boy problem of the day, "she would cry herself to sleep at night, using Daisy as a pillow."

And then this is probably the nicest thing a friend can ever say to a celebrity magazine in a time of heartbreak:

"Jessica is very needy. She is very clingy. She is so sweet, but sometimes because of that she's hard to be around. It's not always easy. She hates to be alone...Jessica smothers people. She doesn't really have any hobbies. Daisy was exactly what Jessica needed."

Everyone concludes at the end that they just want Jess to catch a break, but we really don't know how this tale of loneliness does anything for the singer.


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