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Let's face it—Team Jacob vs. Team Edward is so 2008. Also, it's just not that much of a competition (we love Taylor Lautner, but let's get real).

No, now it's all about Bill Compton vs. Edward Cullen.

Stephen Moyer and Robert Pattinson may get along totally fine in the real world, but in the nonliving world there can only be one vampire supreme. Hence the whole Rob Pattinson is the Diet Coke of vampires comment.

We caught up with Michelle Forbes, who plays the sexy villainess Maryann on this season of True Blood, at the BAFTA Tea Party this weekend. And it's no surprise that she's backing Moyer when it comes to the sexy showdown.

Check out her reasoning, plus tons more dish on how Robsten Sr.—Stephen and Anna Paquin—are doing, and also whether the character we love to hate will be resurrected for season three:

Not gonna lie—we're kind of scared talking to you right now. You play evil so well! Any chance you'll be back in coming seasons? With True Blood, you never really know who's dead.

I think it's safe to say that Maryann has gone to Maenad heaven. She's in another realm now!

With a show created by Alan Ball about such a hot topic right now, we can imagine it was pretty crazy on set.

It was nonstop fun—such an extraordinarily beautiful cast. Our crew is just the best crew around, and our writers are the boldest, most fun people to work with.

You guys are basically the X-rated version of Twilight. Have you seen the movie?

I haven't seen Twilight yet! I'm just behind, I haven't had time. But hopefully I'll have time to take a look at it.

So is it not fair, then, to ask if you're Team Bill Compton or Team Edward?

Oh, I'm Team Bill all the way. I'm Stephen Moyer all the way! I love that man!

He certainly isn't bad to look at, either…
No, it does not hurt to look at him. And he's just hilariously funny.

We hear great things about Stephen, and Anna, too. It was a fairly short engagement; do you think these two will last?

I think that the two of them are absolutely the real deal. In a very beautiful sense they do complete each other, which is really rare to look at. I've seen a lot of Hollywood romances come and go and I actually have no doubt they are the real deal and are in it for the long haul.



What we would give for a Robsten-PaqMo double date. Wouldn't that just be the cutest? You all probably know where our loyalties lie, but still, we dig everything about Michelle and True Blood.

After our campaign to get Rob on SNL, we're starting the movement to get a Twilight star on the next season of TB. Thoughts, all?


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